Iain Chapman – Osteopath

Iain Chapman - OsteopathQualifications/Training:

BSc (Ost) DO. Andrew Still College of Osteopathy/Kingston University. 1997

MSc Osteopathy. European School of Osteopathy/Greenwich University. 2006
Fellow Sutherland Cranial College. 2005

Memberships: Institute of Osteopathy, Sutherland Cranial Society, London Osteopathic Society, Waltham Forest Osteopathic Group.

It was an osteopath who helped my mother to recover from a whiplash injury when everything else had failed. That was in the early 1970’s when osteopaths were few and far between and were generally viewed as being very alternative. Irrespective of the status or perceptions of the profession with the help of the osteopath we got our mum back, and that memory has remained with me ever since.

When I experienced acute low back pain in the spring of 1992 I didn’t consider anything other than visiting an osteopath. And like many osteopaths it was the experience of receiving treatment that led me to embark on a change of career and become one myself.
Practising as an osteopath is both a privilege and a rewarding job that allows me to see at first-hand the benefits that treatment can bring to my patients. I treat people of all ages – my youngest patient was one day old and the oldest 97 years – and from all walks of life, with a wide variety of problems and injuries.

I am proud to be an osteopath and since graduation in 1997 have continued to develop my knowledge and skills. I use a wide range of osteopathic approaches including classical structural work, cranial and biodynamic cranial osteopathy. Empowering patients to maintain their health is important and to help achieve this I give exercises as well as giving advice on ergonomics and lifestyle. I also utilise acupuncture and kinesio taping where appropriate as part of a treatment plan to return patients to health and wellbeing.

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