Isabelle Tomkins – Osteopath

  • Please note Isabelle does not treat babies

Qualifications/Training: M.Ost – Master of Osteopathy – London School of Osteopathy, DO, Registered Osteopath

Memberships: IO

I am a fully qualified osteopath, graduating with a master’s degree from the London School of Osteopathy. 

I use a variety of osteopathic techniques including medical acupuncture to help patients return to and maintain a pain free and balanced state of health, whilst also taking care to explain the nuances of conditions to help address the potential anxiety that often accompanies and influences physical pain. I am experienced in treating patients of all ages, and by combining expertise in pathological processes and age appropriate partnership working, I am able to identify causative and maintaining factors of pain, along with any barriers to recovery.

With an increasingly sedentary and screen-based work environment experienced by many people, I have an in depth understanding of the physical and mental consequences that often result from this way of working. I am committed to combatting the negative repercussions that can ensue and use a variety of osteopathic skills to facilitate a better working environment for patients.

I am currently an avid rock climber, which fuels special interest and knowledge of sport related injuries and conditions.

Outside of practice, I am a keen on the outdoors and a campervan enthusiast.

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